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August 12, 2014
Especially when you are the only one pushing. Thankfully, this summer I have met some of the most supportive and unbelievably kind people that have also decided to become part of "my team" and help push the bus. These people let me sleep on their couches, fed me, let me watch their cable TV, use their showers, eat the last piece of pie, and most importantly made me feel at home. In this way the wine bizz is like no other. In what industry do you help your customer's kids build a fort in the living room? Or spend a full 24 hours under the same roof? One thing is for certain. Wine has a way of getting right to the heart of things. So with that. To all of you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We have some good momentum now, and the bus is moving, slowly inching forward. Thanks for helping me push.

This time of year gets a bit wild. The vineyards (all six) are full throttle. We have custom French barrels being shipped over the ocean, 6000 lb concrete tanks being delivered (our fork lift is only capable of 4000, not to mention its ancient/usually broken), barrel racks being sandblasted/painted, everything breaking (everything), all the while trying to move our wines into shops, do private tastings, organize the cellar, and vines progressing faster than any year previous. All of these moving parts will hopefully come together right as the fruit reaches optimum ripeness... phew.. its enough to make you want to drink an ice cold beer... or two. The third beer, because its so dang hot on the Central Coast. CA has been in a drought for sometime now, and we are trying to preserve water. Less showers, more beer.. seems good to me


I dont like seeing all our lakes dried up. Fortunately I decided to become an optimist years ago and found enough water to fill my cup half full. Our 2014 crops will be smaller and more concentrated than ever b/c of the heat and lack of water. These conditions will produce smaller clusters, tinier berries which in turn, make wines w/ extreme depth and huge personality. This makes a small boutique winemaker.. weirdly thankful. The 2014 wines will be something truly special. Stay tuned

The 2013s are progressing extremely nicely in the cellar. Picture (below) of a 2013 Syrah lot. Visually: Blackish purple, opaque, oil like substance. Aromatically: blackberrys, sizzling bacon, pancakes (full stack) & a huge cup of black coffee. Put that in a blender and take whiff. In the mouth: Godzilla fighting King Kong. They need some time to sort things out in the city. NOT READY. These monsters will be bottled March 2015 and released into the wild sometime late 2015.

We just recently got a new toy, which I lovingly call our WMD (Weapon of Mass Deliciousness) Pictured (below right) is our new concrete "cone" which will age ALL of our grenache for 2014. Concrete is both ancient and ingenius. Doubles as a makeshift bomb shelter, and aging vessel. Its semi permiable towards oxygen which souffles or softens the tannins, and has been used for 100's (& hundreds) of years in the wine trade. Concrete doesn't contribute oak flavors to wine, so ours (hopefully) will be pure, fresh, lively and represent both the place it was grown, and the variety's personality. This concrete grenache will be offered to our wine club members in 2016.

For club members (or prospective) - We will be starting our Fall Release November 1st 2014. It will be dominated by our newest Syrah - 2012 BAD MEDICINE, some of our 2012 Grenache Cuvee RANSOM, along w/ our 2013 White Rhone Cuvee WHITE
LIGHTNING. I'll have more details as it gets closer to the release date. If you are interested in becoming a member, I encourage you to do so. Our wines are moving quicker than I ever expected. Besides, its always nice to have the club discount for holiday gifts :)

JOIN HERE —> www.levowine.com/join

Finally, we are officially retiring from the LEVO 2014 SUMMER RUCKUS TOUR. We did a BUNCH of awesome private house tastings, public tastings w/ the Garagiste Movement, and some really swell wine shops/restaurants who were brave enough to host us. In short, we caused a ruckus.

We will start our winter tour 'THE SNOWBALL EFFECT' this December- March 2015. If you are interested in hosting an epic wine party, with fellow wine lovers please email me about private party details. Here's one detail: The wine is way cheaper @ private house parties ;)

ALTRUISM - I am, and will always be enthusiastic about helping others. This summer we reached out and donated some wine to the Boise Veterans for auction. We also just recently donated a couple cases and put on a dinner w/ SAMA SAMA KITCHEN. All proceeds were put towards the Santa Barbara Food Bank. Over 64% of this food goes towards kids under the age of 18. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Again thanks for bearing w/ me as I rambled on. I hope your summer is giving you all that summer should. Great fellowship w/ loved ones, some sunshine, radical new tunes and delicous food/wine to match.

Your humble wine guy,

(208) 631 1612

Most of the Time (Alternate Version, Oh Mercy) Bob Dylan
On The Road, Houndmouth

Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers
Houndmouth, From the Hills Below

You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't loose it. -Robin Williams


May 9, 2014
I don’t want to bore you with the details so I’ll keep this short. I changed our winery’s name b/c I’d rather buy awesome fruit than spend money on legality fees. We are now, forever and always going to be LEVO. In Latin it means, “To rise.”


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