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New Name, New Website, Levo is Here!
I’d also like to say THANK YOU. To each and every one of you who have stuck with me through this long, drawn out process called “winemaking.” Your encouraging words, support and interest has definitely fueled my fire over the past couple years and allowed me to FINALLY say something,


We’ve all seen him. The older gentleman that has a black completely restored 1969 Ford Mustang. Its got whitewall tires, the wood grain steering wheel, and after market exhaust that knocks family portraits off your wall (this is just what I imagine). Maybe it’s some other classic or perhaps a brand new, fully loaded Porsche 911. Either way he calls this car “his baby.”

Wax on, wax off he polishes that mother until it shines like the Arizona sun. You’d ask if you could touch it, but you already know the answer would be, “absolutely not.” Whenever you drive by his garage, morning or night he’s out “Fiddling around,” a little polish here, tightening there, lubing up the breaks or changing the filters. Sometimes he just sits there and looks at “his baby,” and all of a sudden he’s cruising south on the CA highway 1, headed somewhere sunny and warm.

Well in a way, these wines I'm releasing are my babies.

I have coddled each drop of this nectar, custom fitted to your mouths only. These grapes hail from some of the most acclaimed vineyards on the Central Coast of CA. Each and every grapevine was trained as if it was a bonsai. The grape clusters were handpicked and stomped or sorted (with extreme care). We put this precious juice into the best oak barrels we could find, and these were sourced from the finest coopers in all of France. I stressed over each wine as if it was my very own child.

When I wasn’t “Fiddling Around” with each barrel; twisting, tightening, and tweaking, I would just stare at them. I’d sit and imagine how fun it would be to share these finished wines with friends. It brings me absolute joy to know that these wines have a chance to end up on your dinner table, w/ loved ones and best friends.

These wines are my “babies” and now its time for you to take them for a spin,

Is all about instant gratification. Upon delivery of your bottle(s), drop everything your doing, grab a bucket of ice and chill CARNY until it reaches iceberg temperatures. I almost named this wine Houdini because it disappears so quickly.

Imagine putting honey, pears, flowers, and apple pie into a blender.

Think of Graham crackers, raspberries and cranberry juice all muddled and served to you in a rocks glass

Call or email me w/ any questions (208) 631-1612 or b@levowine.com

Your humble wine servant,

~ Bret
Post By:   Jason Hancock
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