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E99 WHITE No. 2

2017 White Wine
41% Chardonnay, 41% Roussanne, 18% Grenache Blanc

Vineyards: Duvarita, Stolpman, Thompson

41% Used Oak Puncheon, 41% New French Oak, 18% Stainless Steel

Aged 9 Months (Partial ML)

137 Cases Ever Made



The E99 label at its core was created simply because I wanted to play with the varietals that have made it onto the world stage for centuries. Let’s face it, the most famous wines in the world are made from Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay.  I wanted to see if I could make an enormous Cabernet comparable to Napa, or a white that might resemble one of the great Chardonnays of France; obviously done in my own style with a Californian/Santa Barbarian touch. I wanted to play in the Big Leagues. That’s really it. The label depicts a butterfly landing on a bull skull. At its most basic form, the butterfly represents a graceful white wine, and the bull represents an enormous red wine. But there’s more. If you'd like to dig a little deeper...

I've long been a fan of contrast. Black and white. Power and grace. Male and female and how each form not only accentuates the other, but also strangely and desperately need one another. No matter what, both forms balance each other.

My new E99 label depicts a Butterfly landing on a bull skull. At first glance, you can assume the bull has died, but the butterfly is still by his side, still fluttering and full of color. It is my belief that true lovers will stay like this forever.

The name E99 is a short way of representing infinity on a calculator. I learned this in a college stats class where Sabreena and I met. Since that class, she and I have always used this as a little secret code to mean "forever." It has always stuck with us. 

Butterflies are very free creatures, dancing from flower to flower, shrouded in color and beauty. They are graceful, but also incredibly powerful. Imagine if we didn't have these beautiful pollinators coloring brown hills into vivid wildflower rainbows. Butterflies essentially bring color to our world, and are a prefect representaton of the female form. Butterflies are gentle, but they are also very powerful and it is in this spirit that I strive to craft our white wines. 


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