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Wine at a Wine Club
How to Choose a Wine Club: Everything You Need to Know
September 21, 2022 in Wine Membership

Some of the oldest winemakers were around as early as 6,000 BC. Ever since then, people have continued to enjoy all sorts of different wines from all over the world. Wine is arguably one of the most popular drinks in the world, so it certainly isn’t surprising that there are many wine clubs to choose […]

February 12, 2022 in Wine

Our latest collection is named NADA MAS, translating in Spanish to “Nothing More.”

2019 SPOT Vineyard Designates
August 9, 2021 in Wine

I’ve got new labels, intoxicating elixirs, and a little mumbo jumbo to salt bae on your psyche, specifically crafted to slip the credit card out of your purse/wallet and purchase Levo’s newest freshly squeezed juice (AKA WINE).

2 2 Tango
February 12, 2021 in Wine

Mis amigos, Your favorite snake oil salesman is knocking at your door, ready to put a bug in your ear about our newest concoction of succulent sappy juice called wine. The newest batch we’ve whipped up is named 2 2 Tango. Yes, I’d like you to purchase some. No, this isn’t a pyramid scheme or […]

Our Newest Rosé, Onomatopoeia
May 29, 2020 in Wine

Tangerine snow cones, frozen strawberry mochi, pink lemonade and cotton candy all have two things in common. Summer nostalgia and our newest rosé, Onomatopoeia.