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Tearing at the Seams
Tearing at the Seams
January 13, 2020 in WineWinery News

Tearing at the Seams, or as we lovingly call it “TATS” is a departure from Levo’s traditional red wines that are either Vineyard or Varietal designated.

S0UL3D ØUT – Fall Season Wine Release
August 13, 2019 in WineWinery News

Dear Wine-O’s, A huge part of levo and its evolution is faith. Faith in our levo family. Faith in our growers and the lovely Frenchmen that handcraft each oak barrel that currently resides in our tin cellar. Faith in our home, the Central Coast of California, its soil, climate, and people. I’ve always had faith […]

Limited Release – Final Cases of 2017 E99 White No 2
June 26, 2019 in WineWinery News

The 2017 E99 White No 2 is a wine built by the sum of its parts, rather than showcasing a single varietal or vineyard. Simply put, it is a wine crafted based on huge contrast. The colossal richness of Roussanne, like olive oil and honey coating your mouth, blended with the electric lemon verve of coastal Chardonnay, and then the saline, briny notes of Grenache Blanc, this summer white really hits on all cylinders.